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Men need tenderness too: men's knit sweater made from the finest merino wool

The men's sweaters from t7berlin ensure a casual, elegant look for the fashion-conscious man. The wearing comfort of the fine premium merino wool makes it possible for you to naturally wear the casual elegance on the outside. The better you feel in your men's sweater, the better you look and the more naturally you move.

Men's knit sweater produced in the 3D knitting technology of the future

3D knitting is a relatively young process that is used to manufacture garments in one piece. There are no seams and no waste. The sustainable and efficient high technology of textile production not only ensures a great feeling on the skin via the merino wool, but also sustainability and ecological products. The men's sweaters from t7berlin shine with a simple design, simple lines and light, classic uni colors. All this shows those around you that a simple formula is sufficient for elegance and that it can also be conveyed through "inner" values.

Men's sweater with a classic round neckline

The airy, light men's knit sweaters in various shades of blue are super light and comfortable to wear. The men's sweaters with a round neckline are cut in a straight fit and have wide ribbed cuffs on the hem and sleeves to give support to the wrists and hips. The men's knit sweaters made from 100% finest merino wool flatter your skin and are available in sizes S to XXL.

Another classic: Men's sweaters with a V-neck

You will find a similar cut to the round neckline in our models with the V-neckline. The straight fit with strong ribbed cuffs on the sleeves, hem and neckline lets you shine with elegance in this model as well. The fine-knit men's sweater is available in stronger shades of blue and red, but also in more subtle colors such as gray and lilac. Regardless of the color choice, the premium merino wool ensures a guaranteed feel-good effect on the skin. You can find our men’s V-neck sweater in sizes XS to XXL in the t7berlin shop.

More fashionable men's knit sweaters

The selection at t7berlin is not limited to two models. In our shop, for example, you will also find men's pullover models with a turtleneck, where the merino wool not only caresses your arms, but also wraps your neck comfortably warm and soft. The finest 100% premium merino wool is the unique selling point that all men's sweaters have in common. Ask your eyes about the elegance, ask your skin about how comfortable it is to wear and ask your environmental awareness about the sustainable and fair production conditions. All three senses will advise you to choose the men's knit sweater from t7berlin.

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