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3D knit suits: Coordinated design or free combinations

You can choose from the t7berlin range of ready-made knitted suits or put together your own 3D knitted suit. Browse through the rich selection of pants and sweaters and create your individual combination and color combination.

Our 3D knit suits are stylish and comfortable

Some of our knit suits clearly follow the style of jogging suits and are characterized by a loose and comfortable fit. The comfort is underlined by the soft and warm feeling you feel when your skin comes into contact with the fine textile fiber made of 100% merino wool. The 3D knitting technology turns the knitted suits made of natural fibers into seamless products, which are also produced sustainably and fairly.

Jogging style knit suits

The jogging-style knit suits consist of a slightly oversized top with a slightly longer back and trousers with an elastic waistband, drawstring and tapered legs. The trousers and top are colour-coordinated and have long contrasting stripes on the sides of the sleeves and legs. The cedar-colored model has white stripes, the camel-colored knitted suit has dark red stripes. A beige-colored 3D knitted suit is presented without contrasting stripes and in a somewhat more classic design, with trousers featuring wide ribbed cuffs at the foot. In terms of design, the pants are perfectly matched to the sweater of the same color with a rounded hem and together they form a wonderful ensemble, a casually elegant knitted suit.

Create your own knit suit

A combination of trousers and sweater in different shades results in an attractive knitted suit. Depending on which color type you are, you can create the combination that is best for you. For example, we recommend the combination of dark blue trousers with sweaters in various other shades of blue. On the other hand, beige trousers can be wonderfully combined with different pastel shades. You will surely find the right combination for yourself.

3D knit suits for holistic well-being

You won't want to be without the feeling of merino wool on your skin once you have experienced it. The advantage of a 3D knitted suit from t7berlin is that you can experience this feeling holistically. Both pants and sweater will caress your whole body. Visit our shop, whether online or directly on Berlin's Kudamm, and let us advise you on putting together your individual knitted suit.

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