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Immerse yourself in luxury: women's sweater made of merino wool from t7berlin

where elegance meets sustainability and fashion becomes an experience. Our women's sweater collection made from premium merino wool is an expression of timeless sophistication, woven with care and passion for discerning women like you.

Unparalleled quality:

Behind every sweater is the essence of first-class merino wool, which lies gently on your skin and offers the highest level of comfort.

Stylish individuality: Our women's sweaters are not just pieces of clothing, but statements of your uniqueness. Each piece is artfully designed to enhance your personal style.

Sustainability at heart:


We choose our materials carefully and rely on local production in the EU to minimize our ecological footprint.


Long-lasting elegance:


A women's sweater from t7berlin is not just a fashion accessory, but an investment in quality and style that will last you for a long time.


At t7berlin, every detail counts, and our collection reflects this dedication. Discover the women's sweaters that will take your wardrobe to a new level.


Shop now and express your personal elegance with a t7berlin women's sweater made of merino wool. Treat yourself to the best!

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