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Pullover mit Puffärmeln aus 100% extrafeiner Merinowolle in blau und viele andere Damenpullover finden Sie bei uns im Onlineshop!





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t7berlin – a sweater with the X-factor


We are the future of textile industry - sustainable knitwear made with 3D technology:


Doing business means “doing good” for us – starting from product development till the moment your package arrives at your door.


We make modern basics with character. We believe in true timelessness, the integrity of well-made clothes, and since the very beginning in 2019 – we do believe in sustainability.


We are not about fashion, we are about clothing: clothing which is designed, manufactured, distributed and used in ways that are environmentally friendly. We believe that fashion should adapt to you, not the other way around. Each piece tells a story, inviting you to make it your own.


Our products are manufactured in ZERO WASTE production process, but our dedication to sustainability goes beyond manufacturing. We work plastic-free and use mulesing-free certified natural yarns only, which are by nature 100% biodegradable and a part of a circular process.  We source exclusively from animal welfare farming. We're not just creating clothing; we're advocating for ethical practices and a harmonious coexistence with nature.


We produce everything from yarn to labels locally in the EU and have short delivery routes to minimize CO2 emission at least by 10. Producing locally within the EU isn't just a choice, it's a promise to support local economies and to provide fair working conditions and salaries to our skilled fabric workers. We're not just creating fashion; we're crafting a better future.



 Why our customers love us?


We are not about clothing, we are about feeling: our sweaters, pants and dresses are made in three-dimensions, mirror a human body, adapt itself to the individual shape like a second skin and provide a level of comfort never existed before.


Practically speaking, our sweaters fit better and are significantly more comfortable, as a common apparel. 

  • We produce with zero waste​

  • We only use natural yarn​​, 100% biological degradable, 100% renewable and 100% part of circular economy

  • We produce everything, from yart to label, locally in the EU and have short delivery routes. In this way we reduce the CO2 emissions

  • We help our local European manufacturers to save the jobs in the factories and to preserve European craftsmanship

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