t7berlin produces sustainable and fair knitwear from the EU

Are you looking for that special outfit that combines sustainable knitwear with quality and a feel-good factor? t7berlin is a young label that is pursuing exactly this goal for you: the special look of knitwear that not only follows short-lived trends, but always remains modern, chic and at the same time ecologically sustainable. Fairly produced from merino wool and other natural yarns that provide a wonderful wearing comfort. Polyester was yesterday, knitwear from t7berlin is the future.

The concept and philosophy of t7berlin: 3D knitwear and natural yarns

Not only the production sites in Europe ensure short transport routes to our t7berlin shop and showroom on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. The manufacturing technology of 3D knitting also contributes to the fulfillment of ecological requirements. 3D knitwear is already used for functional clothing in the sports and underwear sectors, but still offers a lot of potential. The technology stands for seamless products that are manufactured in one piece. As a result, there is hardly any cutting and waste. In this way, the efficient material utilization of natural merino wool also ensures a favorable CO2 footprint. Later, natural silk, cashmere and natural mixed yarns made from these components will join the merino wool.

Merino wool: The self-cleaning material of choice

The finest wool from the merino sheep ensures a high feel-good factor when wearing the knitwear from t7berlin. Merino wool conveys warmth and security. You will no longer want to exchange the pleasant feeling on the skin for another. In addition, merino wool is extremely easy to care for. After normal wear, your knitted clothing practically cleans itself. The merino wool breathes and recovers when lying in the fresh air. Knitwear fashion made from merino wool only very rarely has to go into the washing machine, which is another ecological advantage.

Sustainable jobs at the partners

t7berlin works with partners from Italy and Germany, where the yarns and knitwear are manufactured. The modern 3D knitting technology offers great future potential, so that t7berlin helps to maintain European jobs with a craft character and to secure them in the long term. Our suppliers are not just suppliers, but ecologically oriented partners whose economic health is important to us. Our partners are certified according to OEKO-TEX® standards, further proof of the sustainability of knitwear from t7berlin.

Visit us in the t7berlin flagship store

You will find the t7berlin shop and showroom on Berlin's Kurfürstendamm. Get an idea of the diverse range of our knitwear fashion. Try knit sweaters, cardigans, knit trousers, knit dresses and knit suits made with seamless 3D knitting technology. Let the naturally warm feeling of merino wool on your skin convince you of our sustainable concept, which provides you with the highest quality knitwear, and find your personal style here.

Kurfürstendamm, 178, 10707, Berlin