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Elegant women's costume made of sweater and skirt, made of 100% extra-fine merino wool

High quality wool is very easy to care for. It cleans itself almost "by itself". Did you know that you can even wash wool in the washing machine? If you follow a few but important care tips, your product will stay with you forever! 


You can recognize high-quality wool immediately after unpacking the product: it smells of warmth and security. It feels very pleasant on the skin. You will no longer want to take off the garment.


Wool lives from body heat and needs it to develop. All wrinkles from the packaging will usually go away when worn. You are welcome to treat your product with a damper before putting it on. But rely on your new favorite, just put it on. After about an hour, the wool will adapt to your body.


You can also recognize high-quality wool by the fact that it “cleans itself”. Please leave the beautiful piece behind after wearing, ideally outdoors, for example on the balcony. Wool breathes fresh air and recovers. The unpleasant smells will disappear. This means that the high-quality wool does not have to be washed very often. However, when the time comes, please refer to the instructions for use in the "Washing, ironing, storing" section or on the product label. You will find this on the back cutout of every product.





High-quality wool can be wonderfully washed in the washing machine in the hand washing program. The temperature should not be higher than 20 degrees. If possible, please set the temperature to 20 degrees manually if your washing machine is pre-programmed. If this is not possible, please use the cold wash program.


It is best to let your knitted piece dry on a spread out towel. If necessary, you can easily iron or steam your garment, the temperature should be set for sensitive fabrics such as wool and silk. A steam brush is also ideal for this.


All of our products are tested, washed and checked directly at the manufacturer after production, so we guarantee that the colors remain stable. So that you can enjoy your new embroidery products for a long time, we recommend a separate wash cycle for our products to prevent color from being given off by other products.


Knitwear should not be left hanging on a hanger for a long time, as this will deform the shoulders. Please put your beautiful knitted piece together and keep it lying in your closet.




The following types of 100% extra fine merino wool were used in the production of the current collection:

1. Biella Yarn - Extra Fine Merino Wool 100% from Süd Wool Group (Germany)

2. Filivivi - Extra Fine Merino Wool 100% Total Easy Care by Filivivi (Italy)

Nachhaltige Merinowolle Strickmode
Damenpullover aus nachhaltiger Merinowolle
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